Explorations at the Nexus of Human Spirit and
Future Science in the Micro- and Macrocosm

Richard Alan Miller
O.A.K., ©2004



Schumann’s Resonances and Human Psychobiology

Schumann’s Resonance and the Voice of the Planet

Hard Cell: EM Fields and the Body

From Helix to Hologram: Quantum Bioholography


Neurotheology: Spirit and Neural Matter

New Millennium Psi Research: Review and Update

A Quantum Reach: Quantum Mind and Emergent Healing Paradigm

Chaosophy: On the Nature of Consciousness


Multiverse: Varieties of Parallel Worlds

Dodecahedral Universe: Science or Synergetic Philosophy?

The Big Picture: A Runaway Universe, Exotic Matter and Energy

Quantum Cosmology: Information Theory, M-Theory, or Quantum Computing?



Explorations at the Nexus of Human Spirit and Future Science
in the Micro- and Macrocosm


In physics, it is hard to reconcile the difference between the very big and the very small. The laws we have discovered that govern the human-scale and the cosmos appear quite different from the vagaries of the quantum level. Yet the quantum world is the subtle essence of the cosmos, and does not differ in any way from it. So at some level, the two are the same: “Above; So Below.”

Likewise, at the human scale often it is difficult to reconcile the great and small, the personal and the transpersonal, the particular or instinctual and the universal. The two meet in the human spirit. The characteristics of the cosmos are reflected in our inner lives. Physically we share the exact same essence as the Universe. There is a shift in perception toward holistic visions; newer models in science eliminated a basic conflict between science and religious belief.

Science used to claim we lived essentially as mechanical robots in a clockwork universe; religion maintained that more than matter alone rules man. We are clearly not mechanical systems. In the spiritual view, mind-like or spirit-like factors make a difference in human behavior. New physics shows the dynamic entanglement of our conscious thoughts with the quantum representation of the physical world.

There is a hierarchy of observational levels of self, others, and world: sequential, quantal, photonic, atomic, EM, chemical, cellular, organismic, consciousness, community, world, solar system, galaxy, universe, even multiverse. Everything, including ourselves, is deeply connected in one holy movement, reflected in the holographic concept of reality.

The dynamics of the very large and very small meet in the relationship of our bodies with the environment ? local space-time. Spatial and temporal interconnections are revealed as fields within fields. The psychophysical expressions of consciousness are revealed in their holistic complexity, in our electromagnetic relationships at the planetary, temporal and universal level.

The nature of the very great and very small meet in the mind-body connection, where spirit meets matter. They are indissolubly welded in our core of light, passion, and voluptuousness ? the eros of our soul and spirit. Together they form the immanent essence that has never been and can never be separated.

On the grand scale, they meet when we confront both the spiritual and scientific nature of the Cosmos, with its mind-bending Mysteries. We see them in cosmic riddles and quantum metaphysics. As humans we stand in awe before the vastness of the creation and call it divine. We sense that which under girds and organizes the nature of human space-time experience as omnipresence. These concepts and philosophical approach are the basis of the worldview presented here. Taken together they address some of the main issues in both the scientific and spiritual domains. State of the art science is contrasted and compared with ancient spiritual wisdom about living and being. Ancient wisdom is contemporized, and science becomes illuminative as in the days it was called natural philosophy.

Hopefully with a fresh insightful journey through these areas each reader will emerge with an expanded perspective of what it means to plumb both the mysteries of the universe and the mysteries of the self. For how can we know our selves if we don’t have a contemporary grasp of the way the world works? Conversely, how can we know the Cosmos if we have failed to look within and understand and directly experience our own fundamental and spiritual nature?

Our place in the cosmos depends on the delicate interplay between the very big and the very small. Understanding that helps us comprehend how infinite pure potential becomes actualized as human consciousness, how through a single tangible wave function mind becomes matter. Waves of possibility are transduced into classical and macrocosmic forms.

Pardon us if we fail to come to any clear conclusions since the scientific models, cosmos, and ourselves are still works in process. It is for each of us to find a name for the power behind that process.