Air Pharmacology and end time predictions
by Jim Phelps, DOE / DOD Whistleblower

The truth about "Chem-Trials" continues to spread like a wild fire of
electrons across the Internet. Many persons tend to know the truth when they hear
it, and all should pass it around. Lets take a look at what "they" knew and
when "they" knew it.

The first indicators that fluorine is a problem were seen in the early
1900s when the German IG Farben company invented nerve gases. IG Farben came up
with the methylated phosphoric poisons that attached fluorine atoms. The
methylated chemicals are pulled into the nervous system, and this is the chemical
"vectorization" process that made this a nerve gas. This chemical was the
organophosphate, OP, class of insecticides, which interfered with the cell
phosphorylate process and locked up G-protein switches in the acetylcholinesterase,
AChE, process. Farben's scientists knew early on that the high
electronegativity of the fluorine atom would stick to these G-protein binding sites and lock
them irreversibly. Hence the deadliest nerve gases were born of the fluorine
atom's special effect.

The fluorine effect is so permanent within the cell G-protein's binding
that it cannot even be released. So, the only way to protect a cell in the
nerve system from this compound is to pre-treat or pre-bind these G-protein sites
with other chemicals. This is how the pyridostigmine bromide, PB, effect came
into extensive use in the late 1980's, due to my discoveries on the
electronegative effects of fluorine on G-protein sites. I recommended the use of PB as
a blocking agent against fluorine nerve gases. PB is a nerve cell seeking
hormone that acts on the same channels and blocks the acetylcholinesterase,
AChE, process. The lesser electronegative bromine attachment allows a reversible
binding site block.

This simple knowledge about fluorine's electronegative effects set up the
look at other G-protein effects and this turned up fluoride-metal complex
effects. The big three for these effects in Oak Ridge were the aluminum,
beryllium, and mercury types. Via a process similar to how iodine pills are used to
protect from the dangers of I-131 nuclear power plant accident or bomb releases,
the idea for Titanium was born. The G-protein binding sites depend on
critical bonding angles and the size of the atoms is important. Titanium metal
complex with fluoride neutralized its G-protein effect. This became a simple
compound method of pretreatment to compete with the destructive fluoride-metal
complexes. The titanium-dioxide method could be used to spread titanium about
the entire US using jet fuels burning from planes.

This was this principle pharmaceutical like effect that resulted in the air
pharmacology method. The white particle effects could be extended using
other compounds, like aluminum oxide, to cause reflection of a few percent of the
Sun's energy to compensate for global warming temperature effects on the
weather and storm energies. Today, the use of jet planes with the Al-O and Ti-O
effects are in wide use about the US and other countries. The idea was intended
as a time buffer to make needed changes in the energy processes of the
country, but the idea is being abused by the money changers in the White House. It
is these Bush linked interests that now engage in Racketeering against the
citizens of the US and the world.

The titanium simple compound effect in "air pharmacology" is highly
directed at protecting the health of animals, as the fluoride effects on animals
always jump to humans. The animals that eat hay need to be protected from the
fluoride fallout from industry and energy sources. This keeps down effects like
mad cow and other illness like Rift Valley fever that blow in on the winds
from Africa. The effect is like the "Noah's Ark" for the industrial disease era
of today. Viruses often activate in animals from little polluted zones in
China and then jump to humans with similar fluoride damaged immunity and these
become the health plagues linked to varied flu's each year. The same process
happened for HIV from monkeys to humans in the Congo area and other places.
The titanium competition effect is used to control varied pathogen outbreaks
over large areas, by modulation of the immune system's performance.

The basic science and causation for this has long been known. The German
IG Farben company was broken up after world war II and became some of the
biggest chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum companies in the world. Today, 60
percent of drugs made use G-protein binding site effects on cells. The
extensive use of fluoride based fluxes for the aluminum used in airplanes made this
process one of strategic metals importance. Later, fluorine became of even
more significance for the production of bomb uranium for the atomic bomb. The
issues of secrecy and national security extended a cloak over the problems
with rising levels of fluoride in the environments of the US and the world.

It was the IG Farben company that linked highly to Hitler's war machine and
it also linked to US interests tied to the Bush family and their money. So,
the cover up of the fluorides health effects connect right to the liabilities
of two presidents of the US, and also to GOP interests in the AMA and
pharmaceutical domains. In ever sense of the world, money and power corrupt

After daddy Bush left the CIA he went to work for a pharmaceutical company
named Eli Lilly, and this is the company that founded a proliferation of
fluoride drugs, like Prozac, to attempt to profit from the low level effects of
fluoride-metal complexes in the environment by modifying the G-protein effects
linked to fluorine. Eli Lilly also had lots of CIA connections and made the
drug LSD for CIA linked mind control projects. Again, this is all G-protein
research. This is how fluorides connect to "mind control" and "MK Ultra" issues.

It is this corporate greed and racketeering that are the basis for the
"false profit" issues of the Bible forecasts. We have a new "Noah's Ark" fending
off the fluoride health effects on animals, so as not to jump into man. We
also have these effects raining down from the "heavens" carried by the same
"chariots of fire" that lead to these problems. The "chariots of fire" being the
aluminum planes that are made with fluoride fluxes that are well known for
damaging crops and animals. These issues are the net effect for the "Christ
Second Coming" predictions of "Revelations." It is the theme for the "End-Times"
and the ending of all great wars.

I suspect the new version for the Noah's Ark Icon must be shown with the
boat coming to rest on the White House, in place of the largest land mass
volcano in the world named Mt. Ararat. If we can manage to control the global
warming effects the world flooding won't go to 290 ft from the melting of the
polar ice caps. There is going to be a pressing problem as the effect that global
warming has many positive feedback effects that set off volcanic effects,
which can trip sudden worsening of global warming beyond our control. This
effect is already beginning. It is only via world cooperation and the issues for
the world becoming one again that these problems can be avoided.

The other "Icon" coming into view may make the "Holy Trinity" the
understanding of how three large fault zones intersect in the heart of the Middle East.
It is understanding of how these toxic effects from volcanos and fault zones
contribute to the issues of violence and wars. The Middle East is highly
affected by fluorides in the environment and this causes the same sort of
violence side effects as being noted in fluorinated drugs. It is Déjà vu that often
the Jesus Icon is shown as he coming from the light of the Sun, and the
artist's paint for this white light is made from titanium dioxide. It was the
understanding of the Sun's shielding process that lead directly to the issues of
air pharmacology and weather control, and to the Revelation's issues of Christ's
second coming.

Perhaps the three line Y-intersecting peace symbol is yet one more Icon
symbol for the Trinity and its link to the biosphere. It was clear early on in
Oak Ridge, that these issues of Christ were directly related to
Environmentalism. It sent fear through Oak Ridge and other polluters that the biggest issue
for religion was coming down to the issues of environment and health. This
process, when it made the light of day, would spell the end for their greed,
false profits, and racketeering.

It is the greed and falsehoods that are driving this latest war from the
corrupted White House and GOP linked industries. Here we find the Mil / Ind
Network causing wars for its own purpose. At the heart of the Mil / Ind Network
is the Carlyle Investors group, where daddy Bush sits on the board. Via
manipulation of partial truths seeded into the world's mindset, this group is able
to control the world and wars. This group not only controls the issues of
environment and health, it is also trying to control issues linked to religions
End-Times and Second Coming. They have become the definition for the
"Antichrist," and their doomed train speeding down the tracks under the control of
engineer GW Bush.

GW Bush exhibits and megalomania worse than Hitler's, as he seeks to
control these issues. The peoples of the world fear this machine, a hydra forced
upon the world. Bush has gone so far as to say God told him to strike Saddam,
and to recite the Servant Song of the Bible, as did Christ. There is little
doubt that we have located the antichrist for today and his evil plans for
world domination. We can see the fear build in the world as countries like China
prepare for the US conflict, and will likely be joined by Russia and Europe.

Bush has an alliance with the UK and Israel that is forcing these effects.
If these corrupted alliances should break into a nuclear war, the world
weather effects will suddenly worsen beyond any hopes for control. The highly
destructive End-Time scenario will take place. On the other hand, if we can act
to wake up the world, speak the truth in all places, this end-times war can be
averted and the world settled into a kinder and gentler time. It is our
choice in the world, as to how we proceed forward. There is a high road to heaven
and a low road to hell, and it is a global and joint binding decision for all
peoples of the world.

This is such a simple decision to make, once the truth is laid on the table
for the world to behold and consider. This is the time of the quickening,
the time for the rapture. It will be a critical juncture in the history for
humans on this planet. We must rise above the process of money setting world
good and into a time where decisions for good can be based on truth and not upon
deceit and treachery. I made the decision long ago to go for the greater
good, and this is the idea for all national security processes. It is also the
main theme behind God, God and country, and God and Good. Let us move forward
in productive directions, as this word of truth continues to move around the

Jim Phelps, DOE / DOD Whistleblower

Uploaded: 07-29-03