Star (t) Wars and Health Plagues

by Jim Phelps, ORNL / DOE Whistleblower

I hope many of you have enjoyed the basic issues about how chemtrails came
into being and how they are so closely related to nuclear and Star Wars
systems. Most all the concepts arose from looking at small scale electronic
component analogs and applying the concepts to air and space. The ideas for barium
came from PM-tubes and the idea for Ferrite-Ba-Ti came from microwave
waveguide components. Similarly, these additives to air came from semiconductor type
doping analogs.

The atmosphere of this planet can be modeled as a dielectric, whose
breakdown potentials set the maximum voltage between capacitor plates. The charge
is delivered from the Van-Allen effects. The gradient can be modified in zones
by the doping of the atmosphere with photoelectric metals that modify its
conductivity and redistribute the charge at lower altitudes. This effect
modifies storm energies and weather.

These ideas arose from my college post-grad education training in
radiation damage for semiconductors and high temperature electronics connected to
reactor research at ORNL. The ideas for the "Potential Gradient" came from the
early work of Tesla, who wanted to tap this potential for energy. This
knowledge of weapons testing in air, the potential gradient, how to modify it, and
high power LASER'S comes under the category of "Extra-terrestrial" knowledge in
the Star Wars realm. Even the testing of humans in a 1947 White Sands test was
about an extra-terrestrial test of a nuclear weapons effects in the
atmosphere on live humans from the SA Equatorial Zone.

It was the war crimes element that originally caused the national security
classification of these human experiments involving extra-terrestrial bomb
testing. This gave these projects their code name within the DOE and Star Wars.
It is this same corrupted classification process that is behind all the cover
ups on the chemtrails human and environmental experiments. Everything from
the cooking of little natives and blacking their eyes from the bomb flash to
the issues of chemtrails and Star Wars involves the extra-terrestrial
classification and code term.

The two bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were both atmospheric bomb
tests, because the US basically preserved these two cities to study the
effect. All the other Japanese Cities were being fired bombed into nothing. These
bombs killed 100,000's or people and the effects linger today. It was about
making a statement of power to the world. The US did not even flinch in the
killing of these women and children and likewise it did not even flinch in the
experiments on natives taken from jungles. The US has done no better than the
Japanese and German human experiments, they have been much worse.

The third atmospheric nuclear test showed the dangers of the radiation
flash of a hundred Sun's to humans at close range and it also demonstrated what
radiation damage does to plastics. Radiation damaged plastic is called "Mylar,"
which is well known for it tendency to retain its form and snap back into
shape. Most all the little jungle natives that were deformed from chemical tests
and nuclear tests are gone, except for the reports that are stored behind
"special access project" classification stashed at places like Area 51. Their
nickname or code in the extraterrestrial projects world is called "Aliens" or
"Alien Experiments." It is about concealing murder using classification.

My training in plasma physics came from a Soviet Russian named Igor
Alexiff. Alexiff and the Russians appear to be quite far ahead of the research on
plasma effects. Alexiff has many patents on plasma techniques including a
plasma jet process that the military uses to neutralize satellites or make them
undetectable with ground RADARs. My later experience in Plasma science came from
the ORNL Fusion Energy work. Lots of experiments using LASER's, microwaves,
and high energy beam injectors----all of it applicable to Star Wars type

In the 1980's, all the national labs were interested in the Star Wars concept
and the extremely high powered X-ray and IR chemical LASERs. The effects of
these systems on the atmosphere were important to consider. High powered
LASERs have the capacity to ionize the air, via photo and temperature effects.
Recent studies in Japan have shown that LASERs can set up pathways for lighting.
Lighting forms from an ionization path in air creating UV light and then
more ions leading to the massive discharge for displaced charges in the
atmosphere. IR LASER's cause this via heat and UV LASER's via direct ionization.

We have seen that things like Barium can be ionized by rocket fuels and by
UV light. Similarly, when large meteorites enter the Earth's atmosphere ions
and a plasma path are created, from the ionosphere to the ground. This effect
can set off a massive discharge of the Earth Potential gradient capacitor
effect. The effect can be like a 100 H-bombs going off in the atmosphere from
trillions of amps of current being fired. This is the effect that one of the
largest meteorites that high Tunguska Russia in 1908 is thought to have set off.
This is why there are little meteor fragments and little crater effects, but
a huge air blast effect.

This effect is also a problem with Star Wars techniques, as firing LASERs
into atmosphere at high power densities can set off these same discharge
effects. This is part of the fear from these space based weapons systems. Some
think HAARP can also causes these effects. HAARP alone can cause some potential
well effects and attraction of charges in the atmosphere, but unlikely this
type effect. The only way the atmosphere extreme energy system works without
distorting the platform is from space.

Teller's Star Wars systems can lead to even worse weapons than the hydrogen
bomb, via tapping into the Sun's energy charging methods for the ionosphere.
A space based laser system can level a city with a high power density LASER
burst into the atmosphere above a city. This effect delivers little radiation,
but the air blast of a 100-1000 H-bombs detonated above a city. This is
where the extremes of the Star Wars project can lead. This is part of the reason
the Russian's backed down from the cold war's mutually assured destruction
from Reagan's Star Wars threats. This was my contribution to the Star Wars
systems designs.

My studies on the atmosphere effects shut down the cold war. The cold war
was coming apart in 1988 and the Berlin Wall fell in Nov 1989. The US and
Russia shifted from the insanity of making more nuclear bombs to taking them
apart. My studies on HF shut down the K-25 gas diffusion plant. The DOE is
turning the leaking poison gas plant into a Greenfield. My studies on the
End-Times and Revelations aspect are pointing the way toward a kinder and gentler
time. The hidden science is being revealed and the scientific messages learned
are independent of religions. This can go a long way toward ending terrorism
and religion nationalism effects.

The Russian's had been shifting toward a waging peace type cold war
mechanism for a number of years before Star Wars the this made this trend even
stronger. Today, Russia and the US have torn down the Berlin Wall and ended the
Cold War, but the Bush foreign policy directions and single superpower is making
all the world have concerns. The lies Bush told to set off the Iraq War have
been extreme, and even more extreme was opening the door for 911 to happen to
launch the PAX-America new world order. This entire process was planned at
ORNL in the mid-80's.

If one applies the simple black box theory toward this process one can see
all the makings for one last huge war between the US allies and others like
China and Russia. The Bush Doctrine is driven by pure corporate greed and
deceit, toward both American Citizens and the people of the world. Bush is looking
like the new Hitler plan and the antichrist rolled into one. The Bush Agenda
even suppresses all the basic information linked to that connected to the
return of Christ and his visions from the old world.

As we head for another Independence Day, let us all think about these
issues and the corruption in our Govt. We need to clean house at home and not
plunder and abuse the rest of the world based on corrupted industry mistakes. We
have those that have engaged in racketeering and murder in the very highest
levels of our Govt., who abuse all our world via corrupted classification
methods. This secrecy has given rise to Imperialism, loss of separation of church
and state, suppression of science and religion, setting up health plaques, and
massive profiteering from chaos and pollution.

Common sense and the simple truth needs to return to the US and the minds
of its citizens, as we all need to start the process of the RICO Act to take
these high ranking persons out of our Govt. Remember, that true freedom can only
he obtained from the truth process. It is essential in any Democracy.

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