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The Modern Alchemist
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An essential guide to "knowing oneself" on the journey of
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The Modern Alchemist: A Guide to Personal Transformation
©1994 by Richard and Iona Miller



INTRODUCTION: Images of the Soul and Spirit

PART I: METAMORPHOSIS OF SOUL (Therapy or Personal Growth)

Chapter I: The Prima Materia
(Persona, Calcinatio); "Two fish swim in our sea."

Chapter 2: The Nigredo
(Shadow); "A cruel black dragon lurks in the wood."

Chapter 3: Union of Opposites
(Anima); "A stag and unicorn in the forest go."

Chapter 4: Participation Mystique
(Animus); "A male and female stand hidden in darkness."

Chapter 5: Solutio
(The Adver­sary); "The wolf and dog are in the land."

Chapter 6: Coagulatio
(Great Mother); "A poisonous dragon inhabits the forest."

Chapter 7: Sublimatio
(Wise Old Man); "Two birds lie within the nest."

Chapter 8: Albedo & Rubedo
(Summary, Coniunctio); "A white and red bird are bound together."

PART II: PERSONIFICATION OF SPIRIT (Mystical or Spiritual Aspiration) Introduction

Chapter 9: Solificatio
(Hero); "The Lord of the wood takes his kindom's throne."

Chapter 10: The Philosopher's Stone
(Mana Personality); "The salamander comes from the fire."

Chapter 11: Puer/Senex
(Magickal Child); "Father, Son and Guide hold each other's hand."

Chapter 12: The Transcendent Function
(Self or God-image); "The Son speaks to his Guide."

Chapter 13: Devouring Father
(Con­ception); "The Father swallows up the Son."

Chapter 14: Anima Consciousness
(Incubation); "The Father strongly sweats and glows."

Chapter 15: Individuation and Rebirth
(Rebirth); "The new Father brings forth a new Son."

Chapter 16: Ultima Materia
(The Master or God-Man); "The completion of the Great Work."




This paper back edition is lavishly illustrated with seventeen engravings from The Book of Lamsprinck depicting the alchemical process, faithfully and rigorously reproduced by Joel Radcliffe of ARS OBSCURA Bookbinding, Inc.


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