X-smiles Note: I was first introduced to this 20 dollar bill 'trick' by some friends who are ardent conspiracy theorists. We would have 'show and tell' over breakfast. sharing our 'paranormal finds'. Recently while researching chemtrails I came accross the same concept at the following website URL;$+911.htm

I know everytime my friends and I would discuss this, they always saw this 'omen by design' as PROOF that a Global Elite was in total control and that all of 'Their' plans are laid and coming to fruition, and it's time to run for the hills.

But then isn't seeing 9/11 in the $20 bill much like seeing the Virgin Mary in glass on an office building? Or a devil in some smoke or fire? Review Apparitions and Visions (coming soon) for more examples of the human imagination dealing with intense emotion.

But try this 'trick' for yourself. With a little imagination you can indulge in wonder over the 'psyhic money' of the USA.

#1- Fold the $20. in half lengthwise with Andrew Jackson in the inside.

#2- Fold in half again. Then fold under as shown.

#3-Fold under again as shown.

Now look for similarities between the $20 bill and a news wire photo of the pentagon crash on 9/11

Convinced yet?

#4-Flip over the folded $20. bill.

And the Twin Towers now appear with a striking similarity to this press photo of the 9/11 disaster. Terrorism by design?

How would terrorist elements pull this 'trick' off?

It smells like an inside job. Or is it just coincidence?

#5-IF the blown up appearance of the Pentagon and World Trade Center on the $20. bill isn't convincing enough then look at the following. Our money even warned us who the scapegoat would be!

Uploaded May 24, 2003