Richard Alan Miller

A sneak peak at a new book!

A short, fun read for lay-people to increase their understanding and ability to notice and use ESP in their everyday lives. Scientific postulates and a method of induction are developed that relate hypnosis to ESP. The 11 chapters and appendices include a simple introduction to understanding both hypnosis and ESP, a model of how it works, a series of exercises to develop the technique through self-help, and the basics of brain patterns and biofeedback.

A Guide to Personal Transformation (©1994)

Illustrated by Joel Radcliffe

This widely acknowledged self-help text on Jungian archetypes is structured using the art prints and text of the 17th century alchemical classic Book of Lambspring. The sixteen chapters compare and contrast archetypes and alchemical operations, which lead to greater self-awareness and psychological transformation from the pits of depression to mystical illumination. The first half deals with the personal unconscious, while the second covers the stages of spiritual enlightenment. Chapter themes include persona, shadow, anima, animus, adversary, great mother, wise old man, marriage of opposites; hero, mana personality, magical child, self or God-image, conception, incubation, rebirth, illumination.

PANTHEON: Archetypal Patterns in Nature and Man

“No archetype can be reduced to a simple formula…
It is a vessel which can never empty and never fill…
It persists through the ages and requires interpreting ever anew.”

--C. G. Jung

A general audience workbook, designed as an introduction to gods and goddesses in daily life as well as in nature and the cosmos. Classic dynamic patterns, as discussed in Jungian psychology are categorized broadly according to Qabalah and the Tarot to create a “cross-over” book between New Age and self-help. The 22 chapters include four sections each, encompassing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual nature of each of the ubiquitous archetypal patterns.

Explorations at the Nexus of Human Spirit and Future Science in the Micro- and Macrocosm

Largely a collection of popular science articles written for Nexus Magazine, this work covers three major areas: I. The Body Electric; II. Mind-Body Connection; III. Cosmic Riddles & Quantum Metaphysics. The same subtle forces underlie matter-energy, space-time and human nature. Using future science and new physics as a springboard, the reader is led toward more speculative philosophical and metaphysical notions about the nature of various scientific discoveries. Spanning the known cosmos, we address deep questions regarding the scientific nature of experiences of self, other and universe.

Subjects include human behavior and electromagnetic fields, the holographic nature of DNA and the cosmos, EM pollution, how the brain creates God, psi research, the new healing paradigm, chaos and consciousness, parallel worlds, synergetics, exotic matter and energy, and quantum computing.

Human Response to Modulated EM Energy and New Technologies

Continuing to highlight our “future science” theme, this book is a deeper investigation of the domain of electromagnetism and its effects on our daily life. It is divided broadly into two sections: Pro and Con, addressing beneficial and adverse influences of natural and man-made electromagnetic signals.

The positive side investigates modern research known as neurotheology, which describes how the brain creates God and how directed EM energy can recreate classical religious or spiritual experiences. Cyberotica covers “technoshamanism” and the revolution in the arts and human sexuality that the widespread use of “digitalia” has created, from new media to virtual reality. Finally, cutting-edge medical applications are described such as Cranial Electro Stimulation for depression and sleep disorders and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for pain and other disorders.

Negative, potentially manipulative or destructive aspects include brainwashing, mind wars, synthetic telepathy as used in media and sales campaigns, and electromagnetic pollution by cell phones, antennae, microwaves and the veritable sea of EM pollution, which has become inescapable in modern life.

A Journey from Magick to Physics and Back Again

Using the developmental arc and research of the authors, this book takes the reader on a journey through the history of Natural Philosophy, to the “in-the-box” thinking of modern theoretical and experimental physics toward a more encompassing worldview that can only be described as “magickal.” Many scientists today are moving toward “out-of-the-box” thinking because of the hard evidence provided by such emerging disciplines as chaos theory and complexity, string theory, the “theory of everything”, etc.

Nature is neither causal nor linear in its process of self-organization. Small changes in initial conditions and even expectations can lead to large consequences. Science itself has shown us that there is tremendous Mystery in the nature of Reality and we best acknowledge and respect it as such. This return of the mystical spirit in the pursuit of science leads to deep spiritual questions about where we are and where we are going in the development of self-understanding and future technologies.

Spiritual Technologies Using Ancient and Modern Neurofeedback Processes

Spiritual technologies can be simple meditation processes, employing only human “wet-ware” or can include a host of modern hardware options designed to drive or accelerate or fine-tune the process of inner exploration and access to altered states. Those covered here include the ancient kabbalistic method known as the Diamond Body, which is also echoed in Persian and Chinese culture; “Yogatronics,” Neuralfeedback, Holosynch, frequency-following response, Virtual Audio.

PSIENCE: X-traordinary Powers of the Mind

This simple primer covers the spectrum of states of being and altered states of consciousness and the hypnotic, artistic, and meditational means of accessing them. Methods suggested for accessing specific level of this taxonomy of available experiences include modern devices as well as traditional means. Main topics include trance, art, dreams, personal mythology, creativity, siddhas or psi powers, and higher consciousness.

An Anthology of Postmodern Cultural Engineering

“We were New Age before New Age was cool.” Now that the crest of the so-called “new age” era has past, it is time to look at the cultural roots of this new wave. Since the 1960s a variety of cultural revolutions have taken place in the global village, affecting our paradigms or worldviews. So, “Let’s do the mindwarp again…”

We have seen sweeping changes in spirituality (Miller & Miller), psychology (I. Miller), psience (R. Miller), sexual mores (Morning-Glory and Oz Zell), musical subcultures and cultural engineering (Genesis P-Orridge), computers and new media (Mark Stahlman), the politics of multimedia (Bob Dobbs), Magick (Gary Gage-Cole), better living through chemistry (Tom Lyttle; Clark Heinrich), economics (Mike Mandeville), healing paradigms and consciousness studies (Dr. Marshall Gilula), neurotheology (Dr. Rick Strassman), and the digital fine arts (Laurence Gartel), etc.

As luck would have it, many friends of the authors were active influences or players at the forefront of this postmodern cultural evolution and have very interesting insights about its progression and their roles in such emergent values and agendas as polyamory, pansexuality, the digital revolution, consciousness science, spirituality, weird science, the political landscape, etc. Including an insightful overview by the authors, this series of essays, by players in each field, captures the living vitality of the cutting-edge of personal, social and political change.